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Children are by far the greatest joy a mother can have.  Whether you gave birth to them or adopted, there is no greater love than the love of a mother.  I have 3 children.  One of them is 10 years older that the other two.  I had him when I was 18.  My daughter (the youngest) practically pushed the her brother out to make way for herself.  They are 11 months apart and what some call Irish twins.  They were born in the same year 2002.  One in January and one in December. 

These children are the same and nothing alike.  I love them each and every one.

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my mother never gave birth...she was a fantastic mom. I'm adopted and I can remember being sat down by my mother. I probably did quite a few things wrong and she would always tell me..."I couldn't love you more than if I had birthed you myself."....There is no purer love... Where there is a will...there is always a way. pepeprony...theres a child that needs your love and is waiting for you to find them.

Lucky you as much as I love kids I still don't have any :(