I Have Great Kids!

My kids are great kids. We've been through a lot in the last couple of years with the loss of their father, but we are finally getting it together.

They don't help me clean the way I want things cleaned, but they do make an effort most of the time. They drive me crazy with the usual tantrums and "I want" issues, but I remember doing the same to my mom. I guess that's the norm.

We've also had some pretty rough patches trying to find our way through the mess that became our new life over the last two years. My kids were very close to their dad. They were angry for awhile. My middle child just got very quiet. My oldest became rebellious towards me and my youngest was just angry all the time. I cried. In private away from them. I found it best for them for a time anyway.

I found that every once in a while crying in front of them helped them, though. So now we are okay. My middle child is my happy boy again. Nothing seems to stop his disarming charm. My oldest, though hard to handle at times, isn't angry anymore. He's just a teen now, with attitude and all. My youngest is beginning to go through puberty now. Oh God, help me she's gonna be rough! LOL. She is by far my smartest, most clever child. A little momma in the rough. My helper. I'm not picking favorites, just stating the obvious.

Well, I just had to say that about my kids.  I haven't bragged on them in awhile. My friends have been a bit hard on them so I thought that I would let everyone know that, despite it all, they are great kids!

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LOL! Not really. I love the individual traits of my children. Each one special....

Lol, you are SO picking favorites! :P

It's only been weeks since I lost my husband and my children's father. We are just beginning the journey you describe. My eldest is a girl, 13 ( daddy's girl) hormonal and raging with grief ... anger, blame, crying, denial.<br />
<br />
My son 10, has had a spiritual experience with his father following the death. Josh was an emotional mess when his father died, even wouldn't let them take the body from the house, so severe was his tantrum (kicking everyone and screaming) he needed to be sedated by the attending doctor before they proceeded.<br />
<br />
His father visited him in a dream and explained that after the funeral they would be burying only the broken body, and not his dad who was now in the spiritual world and no longer suffering pain.

I like to think so. We've come a long way. It seems so long ago that they were small. Now they are all nearly grown. Ahh my beautiful babies.....

The best moms are the ones that turn out to have great kids :) without a great mother to guide them, i'm sure they wouldn't have been able to get over the loss of their dad as they did. I'm proud of you redlady :) I'm sure your children are proud of you too

Thankyou LV, I think the hardest part, is not knowing if I'm doing the right things for them, so I let them be my guide. I try merely to teach them good from bad and right from wrong. They are who they are and I love them.

Your kid sound like great kids, and they have such a great and understanding mother. I am so sorry that you had to go through such a tough time but you made through the hardest part.<br />
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Wish you all a great and loving time to come<br />
<br />
love and hugs

As often as you like, mohn. Hope we get to talk often. sometimes I get bored just reading through, but I'm too cheap to sponsor so....LOL

dear friend lady,<br />
nice reading about ur kids, it's great job to bring them up with good culture and character. I think u r able to do it. hope to be in touch.....!

Ah Mari, <br />
Thankyou! If you can make it through six with what you've had to go through, then I can make this easy! Thanks for your inspiration.

Glad to hear things are coming together for you and your family. I have six kids who I've pretty much raised alone as well - completely alone the past five years. My "baby" is 16 now and all six, I am very proud to say have turned out well, are educated, productive and loving. They are my world and the most important thing in my life. At 50 I can honestly say they are my biggest accomplishment in life, despite years of physical abuse and cheating from my husband. Life has a way of making things right - even if it takes what seems like forever! :)

I admire your attitude and commend you on rearing 3 children alone. I know it's not easy; I did it with one.

No. Just trying to do what's best for my family. Thank you for the compliment, though.

Your an amazing Woman :)