Its A Privilegde

when i had my first baby i was still a teen, i thought i would not making and that i should be ashamed of myself. But things turned out differently bcos i learned to live for my son and i also learned to prioritised and he became my first priority. U know i still remember back then, i would not eat a chocolate bcos i could use that money to buy him yoghurt. I always ensures that he gets only the best irrespective of the circumstances and i made a promise to him that i will not let him down in anyway. 

2007  i had a son again, the circumstances did allow for him to be born. My two boys, nothing makes me happeir than them. Even now i am looking at the two of them playing together and every beautiful thing they see "they will say its mine". The beauty of being a mother can be measured to self happines. Giving birth to this boys was the best decision i made, i brought happiness to myself and for my family.

I am proud of being a mother and everytime i think of them i smile no matter where i am.i really love my kids and i thank God for the priviledge of being a mother.

i dont think i would have made it to sucess if i did not have them as my responsibilty.SO ITS TRUE THAT EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR THE REASONS!


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1 Response Jan 17, 2010

you are a wonderful mom - it is so clear that you love your boys