This Little Person

Who is this person? This little girl rattling off a thousand words a minute at me. I can't get a word in edge wise! She's so tall! She's so "grownup". I look at her and she seems so wise for her age. I see her face and I see the jawline and cheekbones of a full grown woman. A flash of the future child as she will be in........oh dear.......such a short time. Another flash and she's a baby again, so small and fragile with that toothless grin. Then the child once again comes into view and she's still rattling off non-stop banter that I haven't even heard. She hasn't noticed that I'm not listening closely, because she's off on another tangent now, while getting ready for school. So sweet when she's just "a little girl". Later she'll be a screaming meme. My little girl. It's almost her birthday. Let that quiet tear slide down my little baby, so grown up.

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After reading this again two years later and she still rattles ninety miles an hour every morning and now she's learned all about shopping and researching online. She still has a thing for shoes and she still knows how to put together an outfit. She's a bit of a musician with a talent for teaching herself how to play different instruments. Geez, she's so grown up now.......I'm so proud of her.

Time does fly so fast and there's nothing we could do about it...memories are all we have to keep and cherish.

Thank you.... and now... a new milestone... Oh time.

thats so beautiful

Thank you frito Always good to see you about! *waves*

Awww beautiful story redlady! reading your post reminds me of the good on EP...thank you!:)

Hello Ladies....Softballgirl... happy birthday to your son! and Tusk, you are going to have so much fun during such a short time! <br />
Isn't it amazing how every so often you look at your children and see the change in them? Always makes me want to cry.

hi ! I am new to this site and decided to check the "i am a mother" group since I am a mom of 3 boys. Theredlady's story story caught my eye. We have something in common: my son is turning 11 tomorrow also!! I agree, sometimes they are too smart for their own good!!

Ahhh my girls starting early.... she doesn't do makeup or Jewelry or perfume, but clothes and shoes are her fetish! She takes plain old everyday clothes and turns them into a fashion statement.. I have No idea where she gets that talent from. LOLOL

Oh Red ... SHOES!!!! I feel for you ... lol. My daughter is a shoe fiend. I swear she collects shoes. Of course, her collection didn't begin until she began working & could buy her own. At last count, I think she had 77 pairs .... crazy, just crazy ... lol!

Yeah, she knows I've been having money issues so she's been pushing this pair at a local Dollar Store real hard. LOL I've been pretending to ignore her. LOL

Ahhh shoes, she's a real girl alright!!! ;)

i just had to tell about her... she was just too much this morning.! she's turning 11 tomorrow and she kept rattling on about these shoes she saw..... *wipes a tear*

Lovely Red. I know the feeling. : )

Thank you my dear. :)

beautiful story redlady