Hardest Job I Have Ever Done

I want so much to be a good mother to my children. I have three 8, 6, and 10. the oldest are girls and my youngest is my only boy. My oldest child really is a difficult child. She seems unhappy a lot and requries a lot of attention. She used to get inot trouble a lot at school, I changed her school and things are better. She was bullied at her old school then, go figure, she became the bully herslef. I do not understand this child. Seems like no matter what I do for her to try to encourage her and support her it is never enough. At times I feel like I am such  a failure at this. Then one day I will get a moment that will allow me to see my hard work is not in vain. Rest would be good.

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Thanks for your post. Kikoman.... I talk to my daughter and really try to be a good listener. She keeps telling me that she misses being the only child. We just had a heart to heart the other day and she was SHOCKED that I was interested in her feelings. I was SHOCKED that it was not clear that I am interested in what she has to say. LOL...Wow....funny how it seems like you are doing the right thing only to miss out on something so important. Yes, gypsymae, kids do have another life at school. I really would like for her to be happy. But as you said happiness isn't guaranteed. She is a good kid and I tell her so... I tell them all that they are good kids. But my oldest seems to second guess what I tell her.

When i was young i was bullied at school like you my parents changed me to a new school where i became the bully why? i wanted to get in first if i was the bully then it would never happen to me it was a self defence thing im not proud of it but i just wanted to explain to you where your daughters at. What at times worries me about being a mum is that the kids have this whole other life at school that im not apart of that i cant control and make sure there happiness is guaranteed i guess though letting go is a part of being a good mum