Mom Of 4

Hi there!  I am the mom of 4 wonderful children, ages 9, 8 , almost 6, and almost 5.  I spend countless hours with my kids, since we are a cyber school family this year.  I love being a mom but I get so scared that I am not doing everything I can for them.  I want nothing but the very best for them, but there are so many days that I worry that I am not giving them that. 

My kids are SO much a part of who I am and my youngest is about to head to kindergarten in the fall, and I will be left all alone.  I guess that's why I am here...trying to rebuild my life a little bit.  I know the kids will still need me, but I won't need to identify myself by them as much anymore come the fall.     Then what?

castle4mom castle4mom
31-35, F
Feb 11, 2010