I Am A Mother To A Beautiful Boy At 6...

...And I hate myself for having BPD. I know that sounds tough - but my heart breaks every time my disorder pops up with anger, irritation and sadness. I try, try and try...to keep BPD 100 miles away from my son, and I give him all the love I can, by telling him often that I love him. I hug him much and participate in his playing, so much that people around me worries that I give him too much attention. 

But I know - deep inside - that no matter how much I try to be the BEST mum in the world...he can feel my pain, and he knows when mum is having a rough time.

I hope so much that he grows up being a happy person... I´ll do my best.




tweetytw tweetytw
36-40, F
Feb 13, 2010