The Chocolate Acid Test

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I baked a chocolate icing cake for the occasion. As I was preparing the ingredients, Tim, my youngest, walked into the kitchen.

When he spotted the chocolate Tim asked '' can I have a piece?''.

''No'' I answered, '' you won't like it.''

To which Tim replied, '' Yes, I'll like it, you just don't want me to have any!''

Me-''Tim, unsweetened baking chocolate is very bitter, I'm telling you-you won't like it''.

And as soon as I turned my back I heard the sound of a knife on the cutting board. I turned back in time to see Tim pop the piece he had just cut off into his mouth.

''So'', I asked, '' how is it? Do you like it?''

By this time Tim's mouth is twisting involuntarily into a sour grimace which he is trying, without success to control. ''It's not bad'' he replies. One more chew after which he declares '' it tastes awful'' and proceeds to spit out what is left in his mouth into a paper towel.

To which I uttered the most satisfying phrase in the history of motherhood, ''I told you so!!!''

My older son, Jay, joined us for supper. I asked him if he wanted to see the gift my friend had given me the week before. I showed him the painting my friend had done of Tim and asked him '' what do you think of it?''

Jay answered, '' Wow, it's beautiful!''

I then detected something in Jay's eyes that made me ask ''would you like one of yourself?''

The look in Jay's eyes changed to pure little boy happiness as he answered ''Oh yes, I would!''

''Send me a picture of yourself that you really like and I'll ask her,'' I answered.

The greatest joy Motherhood has brought me is seeing my sons grow into happy, confident young men but every once in a while I do miss the little boys they were. Thankfully, that side of them is still very much there and they visit every once in a while.

Yesterday both of them chose to pay me a visit which made this mother very happy!

I love you, Jay and Tim!

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Thank you, Frito! They certainly are very spirited! I wonder who they take after??? LOL!!!!

So very lovely Jojewel...I think we can all feel a bit of your spirit here as well as your boys! :)

Thank you, K-dog, I love writing about them :)

I love the stories about your boys. :)