Some Things Are So Heartwrenching

I am a mother.... I have three beautiful children and have been so fortunate to never have any serious health issues to deal with. I am continually impressed with the strength of  some of my friends who are parents that deal daily with torturous illnesses. They are some of the strongest people I know.

Today.... I agreed to do a banner today for a country club. I'm doing it at cost. It's to honor a baby boy... who finally lost his battle with cancer. He would have been a year old last week. I almost cried when I saw his picture.... The saddest job I've ever had to do is help a family raise money to pay for their babies funeral. I can't post his picture..... but I can post one that will give the same feeling from me.....

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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I can't imagine having to go through such adversity without my husband. I lost my husband four years ago and I have raised my kids on my own until just a few months ago, All you have to hold you together is your children. Family and friends are good support, but in the end when you see your children at the end of the day, it's their love that keeps you going. I know you're strong enough to do what it takes to keep going despite your MS.

How sad, I adopted a baby boy who's birth parents took drugs. My husband had a great job , with great benifits. My husband passed away suddenly before Noah was even 1, I have MS which is very painful, but I find myself holding him all night or fear he will die in his sleep. He is an angle, with terrible things to handle. It's not fair, but I cherish every moment with him.

I have three. 11,12, and 15

Wow, that is terrible! I'm sure it means so much to the parents that you are supporting them and helping take some of the financial burden off their shoulders so they can think about other things. If you don't mind my asking, how old are your children?

Thanks LV... The picture of the boy who this is for... he is smiling and so sweet. I wish I could show you all.....

It's so heart breaking, I am so sorry to hear this<br />
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I agree with jojewel,

The least I could do.... There are no words to give them.

There is no greater wealth than a healthy child. We all tend to take that for granted. Thank you for helping those parents!

No... his mom is.....

Quite a amazing lady you are. God Bless You