Being A Mother...

Im a stay at home mother, with 5 wonderful kids. Its not easy being the one that handles all the situations that arise, yet i wouldnt have it any other way. It has given my kids and myself a relationship i never had with my mother. I get to enjoy everything, stress about everything, and simply love everything about them. Teenagers are not easy, yet they know they can come to me and talk to me about anything and everything...(ugh..sometimes a mother just doesnt want to know =)  ) 

i sit here and i think back to when my husband drove truck, we would take the kids to eat at truckstops...and we got so many compliments on how well behaved the 3 and then 4 children we had were..they would sit in their seats and not make a peep...though my son was 3 at the time and already ordering his own food..(chuckle, he loves to talk to the ladies). now three are teenagers and drama is almost an everyday occurance...none of us are "perfect" we all have our moments/days of overbearing stress...yet i tear up now, thinking of my oldest getting ready to turn 18 this summer, i can only trust God to watch over her as she moves on....and i blessed i am and  have kids know love..they know a home...they know life is hard, but family is always there.. .. im so thankful for my kids. im so thankful for Gods aid in raising them.

myheartsong myheartsong
36-40, F
Mar 13, 2010