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Just A Mom

 I am , a chef, a maid a counselor and a bank, And I do it all for free. No I am not stupid...I am a mom. And I love it.

RitJaCa RitJaCa 51-55, F 13 Responses Mar 22, 2010

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Haven't seen this one, but it's a great description!

A young lad of about 17 who was working with me once when his mother showed up, started straightening his clothes, wiping his face telling him not to forget this & that. He came back complaining that she still treats him like a little boy. So I told him, that she always will, my Mum still does & I`m 50 years old.

According to, if a stay at home mother was compensated for her time (counselor, chef, chauffeur, cleaning house, etc), her average salary would be almost $114,000. Hat's off to you.

I love this and it should be put out where the world can see it more. So many put down stay at home moms. I have heard a lot about not taking care of my responsibilities (children) because I stay at home. I work my behind off doing my best for my family and it is worth it. To be there for my kids when they need me is worth everything we don\'t have. They would rather know I am there for them day or night then have a bunch what ever that really doesn\'t matter. What matters is the love they get.

My wife is a stay at home mom too. I cringe when people asks her if she

Oh and when they say, so you don't work. I'm like, you're own your own buddy.

There is no "just" in this story! Moms DO have to do everything! It's hard work raising a little human being, so kudos to you :D

Thank you kindly

I can\'t reiterate that enough. \"Just\"????? Nooooo.....

I couldn\'t do it. No way. It\'s an incredible responsibility that pales all other job descriptions.

You beat me too it Rubies. I\'ll just pile on....

Pile away Dot! (Oh yeah, especially if you have more than one!)

thats awesome . . . and good for you . . . and I'm sure you're a great one too . . .

Thank you

just a mom? only the hardest and most important job in the world!

Yup!!! *echos this one too*

You know we moms don't come with a certificate, we learn as we walk the 'lifes road'.... I for one think we do a bloody good job....S

Thank You B3lla

Looking good mom!!

Thank You :)


Thank you Cass So are you : )

Aww I love it too R. And you are doing a fine job.