3 Different Stories...all Miracles.

I am the mother of 3 beautiful girls.  And each came into this world...a miracle.

The conception of first born was something different.  The night she was conceived, I laid there and prayed:  "Please Lord, let have conceived.  I know we can't technically afford a child, but I have faith that you will be there to guide us and help us.  If you can find it in your will, Please, please, let give us a baby."  Tears rolling my down cheeks.  A month later, we got the postive test result!


My second child should not be here at all.  The doctor's wanted me to abort her.  Eptopic Pregnancy.

I was going through such horrible pain shortly after finding out we were pregnant.  It kept getting worse.  They sent me for an Emergancy  Ultra Sound.  They saw the "ring of fire" and confirmed, twice mind you, an eptopic pregnancy.  No sac where it should be.  Just my "ring' in the wrong spot.  My regular care physician called me (while at the hospital) and said they were gonna send me home with pills that would "take care of it".  My husband and I sat back in the ER room, crying and praying.   I remember praying for God to take good care of "her".  There was NO way I could have known any sex. 

As we sat there praying, and crying, two different nurses came in and said they were also praying for us.  One found the doctor that delivered my first born.  He came in and we talked.  He was gonna give me the weekend to come to terms with things, and said if my pain got worse in anyway, I needed to get back to the ER Immediatly.  It could be the difference in my life and death.  He was very clear with us.  He told me to stay away from stress and stay off my feet.  We knew the risk and left. 

That night, around midnight, the call came in.  My mother was in a horrific car accident and airlifted the area's best medical facility.  When we got the hospital she was having a procedure done to stop the internal bleeding of her spleen.  She was then put in the TICU (Trauma Intesive Care Unit).  So much for no stress and resting.  =(  She was in hospitals for over two months, and we almost lost her at point.  But that's another story.

The whole weekend the pain I had been feeling, moved.  It wasn't in the same spot.  We kept praying...for our baby and my mom. 

On Monday we called my OB (the one who delivered my first child).  We talked and explained everything to him, the pain moving and what not.  He sent back to the hospital immediatly for blood work, and another ultra sound (u/s).   My levels were off the charts in my blood work.  And now, the u/s showed a perfect sac....a baby...where it should be!!!   Thank God we didn't take those pills!  Thank God for answered prayer!  I'm not suggesting anyone take this approach, I'm just telling my story.

The day she was born, I almost died...a few times.  My heartrate and blood pressure dropped and I passed out at one point.  At another point they gave me narcotic that went totally wrong!!  I started blacking out and the last thing I heard was the Anseth. yelling for help stat!!  I woke up an hour and half later.  They were concerned for my heart and a possible stroke.  =(

I was sick the whole rest of my 23 hour labor.  I spiked a fever and was throwing up.  When she finally entered the world (one push shy of c-section!!!) she also was sick with fever.  She became very jaundice.  One of the hardest things I ever did was be discharged from the hospital days later, and went home with NO baby.  She had to stay.  I could have too...but my 3 year old was already days without her mommy and needed me.  I went home, showered, changed, spent sometime with my eldest, and then we took her with us back up to the hospital to be with the baby.

Today, my 2nd child is still my most sickly.  But she is such a blessing!  SOOOO loving!!  And to think...she almost wasn't here. 



My third child is a COMPLETE miracle.   Do to complications after the birth of girl #2, I was told I could never conceive again.


It was a Wed. in Sept.  I stood in front of the Disney Castle, with my ENTIRE family, tears streaming down my face.  It was such a simple thing to be there, but I had never been.  And my entire family was there.  My sisters, their families, my mom, her sisters and their families.  It was a dream come true in Disney's Year of A Million Dreams.  As the tears fell silently as the fireworks boomed, I prayed.

"God, I give up on having another child.  I give that dream back to you.  I die to it.  Give me new dreams.  YOUR dreams.  Thank you for making my dreams come true."

My husband and I were together that night for the first time in weeks, and what ended up being the ONLY time in 2 months.  And right after my period. Two days after it.

I thought my mono had come back shortly after arriving back home from our vacation.  Imagine my surprise when I found out I was pregnant!!!  We thought we were done having kids.  We thought we couldn't have anymore children.  So did the doctor.  OOPS!  LOL 

I almost died with her too.  Bloodpressure crashed, passed out, siezures.  HORRIBLE.  I'm now fixed.  No more putting mommy's life in jeapordy.


But I look at each of my three girls and see miracles. 

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Well sounds like your story is proof that God exist. That's one ( or three ) stories that should prove it for anyone. When I was pregnant with my first baby I had dreams and a gut feeling that he wasn't going to make it. Everyone said its a pregnancy fear for everyone. The day I had him he inhaled his marconium and the doctor didn't tell me or my husband he tolled my in laws instead. They decided not to tell us. They would see what happened. They didn't want us to worry. Before we knew anything the nurse was waking me up that night saying something was wrong with my baby. Two hours later he passed away. He had a lung infection and didn't have a<br />
chance. He was 26 hours old. I haven't turned away from God after it happened. I feel like he was working with me<br />
Through the whole pregnancy. Then 2 years later comes baby number 2. Everything went great with him. When number 3 comes into the picture it was a nightmare! I was sick before I even knew I was pregnant. Not just morning sickness, but my whole body felt like the flu with a side of arthritis. I went to Drs. had X-rays and meds. that shouldn't be taken while pregnant. The first three months I was trying to miscarry him and then that changed into labor pains for the last six months. I finally made the nine months. The labor was easy and he just turned 18 this summer. I'm glad you and<br />
your babies are a live and well. Congratulations. Count your blessing. As I'm sure you already do and remember life isn't worth anything without your babies.

you sure do have more than one angel watching over you and your girls.wonderful and heartwarming post. thankyou you and your daughters are special.

Thank you so very much wakeshoe!

Wow what a story!! Your girls are a real miracle, each one of them. May God grant them health, prosperity and long life. May He also remove the sicknesses from your second girl. Some people may take it for granted to have kids but you know what, i think your girls were a special gift from God and they have a special purpose in life. God bless

God bless you sister!

I don't know about that Get...but I do what I can. They are my life.

Wow. They say good parents move heaven and earth for their children for their children. And it looks like you have proved that point.

Ah I think you are all lucky babes ;)

Thank you so much C. But it is I who am the lucky one. =)

:) sweet CJ you have lovely children and they are lucky to have you

AW! Thank you honey. *hugs* and God Bless!

Hi dear miracle mom,your faith surmounts all imposibilities.Your girls are the result of your faith and GOD"S BLESSINGS.

Hi dear miracle mom,your faith surmounts all imposibilities.Your girls are the result of your faith and GOD"S BLESSINGS.

thanks hon. And I agree. All babies are miracles. =)

And what's that MM?

And I remember the tears of wonder in my eyes when I looked down at my nephew Sebastian who was premature and only weighted two pounds, and there he was, In the hospital crib, with a slight smile on his face thinking of some magical baby thoughts and was alive and glowing like an angel because of the nurses and doctors care and I want to say thank you.<br />

Thank you so much PM!! MWAH!

How is she a breeder? 19 kids and counting THAT'S a breeder. She has three kids.. That's normal. Congrats CJ! On your DAUGHTERS not litters. :)

Why read "breeders's" stories if you have issues with it? =/

*sighs* Breeders...

AW!! Thanks Chant! You're welcome! =)

Great inspirational story. Thanking for this kind story to boost my spirit.

Aw..thanks honey. I want to be, at least to them. They bring me so much joy!

That's plain to see honey. :D You're an amazing mother! *hugs*

Thanks Cici!! <br />
<br />
My girls are my life!!!!

Wow CJ ... such an inspiring story. *hugs* And now you have three beautiful little girls :)

Thanks K!

I agree with fb, you are the fourth component in a four part huge God's grace miracle!:)))<br />
Very happy to read your story as a mom it moved me very much! Thank you for sharing!<br />
best regards, K.

=( I'm sorry Aly. *hugs*

This really hit a nerve for me. I'm laying in bed, crying. We'll talk later Cj. Your daughter are the luckiest in the world, to have an amazing mom like you

really? AW!!!

I understand you so much more now.

I agree Red. *hugs* I have had my share of tragedies...but these miracles...they are my everything!!

A very moving and beautiful story... You are so lucky to have been given three miracles in life when so many see so few. God was surely smiling on you.

Aw...thanks Eso!! *hugs* I forgot a big part to the last story...so I edited!!!

Thanks FB! That was so sweet of you!

Aw! *hugs* Thanks honey! You know you are too.

Wonderful post sis. You are an amazing woman and mother. Most wouldn't be able to do what you did. I respect you. *hugs* Thanks for sharing.