I Have A Mother... I Dont Have A Mom.

Biologically , yes. I do have a living mother. I however dont consider her my "mom." she is constantly in and out of jail. When shes out, shes as high as Wiz Khalifa. She hates me because im a lesbian. She hates me because im athiest. She hates me because im loud. She hates me because i breath. Technically i have a mom , but in my world , she doesnt exist.
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I had a mother who was like that too, minus jail time. She died hating everything... and everyone. However, you can make your own family. My best friend is my sister. I have two adoptive brothers. I have an adoptive mother too. It might not be that way based on a legal document, but that's what they are to me in my heart. This part of your life will be over someday. Surround yourself with good people who will be your family. Blood doesn't matter.

Good thing you don't need her approval! Sounds like she hates herself and her judgement sucks anyway. Go on and live your life and be as happy as you can. My mom is dead. I'm 41 and I go around "adopting" moms. Dad's, too. (Both my parents died when I was 9) Don't look back. Create a family that loves you for who you are. Good luck to you.

What you said to " LOVINGCAREFULLY " came from experience,love and alot of wisedom.

I remember being at Daytona Beach on the fishing pier in the 1990's.This 13 year old girl was with her father and his girlfriend.Everything the poor girl did was wrong.She spoke too loud and sang to herself which angered him and asked questions of her father which angered him.He was angered easily and she must have felt unwanted because I felt hurt seeing it happen.

I felt hurt for that girl and I knew she no soft place to fall in her life.The problem is that that kind of treatment can create a STRONG NEED for love.When we have been treated that way we can get into relationships were we want to be loved by an unloving or cruel person.We don't want to set boundries on them in case they leave us.A STRONG NEED for attention and unconditional love can lead to more hurt.I wrote these words years ago " When your NEED is greater than your NEED for the truth......then your in a battle with REALITY "

Sometimes though if we are " LOVINGCAREFULLY " we find the right person that is kind and seet and sensitive to us.We move slowly into the relationships before we commit to a deeper love.

REMEMBER THAT THE RIGHT PERSON CAN HEAL A BROKEN PERSON and THE WRONG PERSON CAN WOUND US EVEN DEEPER.From one Athiest to another I wish you a good journey of love and kind acceptance.