Miss Her So

I am currently 23 years old.  I lost my mother seven years ago.  She was my rock, my world, my everything.  I constantly want to pick up the phone and just share day to day experiences with her.  Not a day has passed in seven years that she is not on my mind.  I have found myself seeing my life in two portions:  before mom died and after mom died.  I often recall a story in my life and then i think, was that before or after?  Its like my life changed so much that day that I became a different person.  Viewed life differently.  The saddest days for me are the days that big events in my life are happening.  Graduation from both high school and college....I wanted her to be there and see me in my proudest moments but she never will be.  My wedding day will be spent thinking how wonderful it would be to share those moments with the most amazing woman in the world.

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it is nice to know that you are appreciating what you have with your mother. i like to hear that people are not taking their time with their loved ones for granted. and your mother sounds wonderful!

I can only imagine what your going through, I still have my Mom and she is the best. She's been there for me through a divorce and raising two boys and one adopted step daughter. There is nothing that can replace a good Mom. My thoughts are with you.

awww i know how u feel :( i lost my mom 5 yrs ago<br />
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