That First Ride

Years ago i had seen someone mountain boarding down a road and thought that was cool but soon the image and idea left me. It took one of those disney family movies to reaweaken the idea in me and like an exploding bomb i was hit. with my Mbs pro 95 and some gear i went for it. The feel of that first ride was my evcerest, the speed, the freedom of flying, and the thrill of it all was just the thing i needed to spark the fire back into my life.
I live in the mountains of Ga and mountain boarding is one of those things that you really never see around here. I feel its my special thing but it would be cool it others tried it. Its my year round passion when i use to only get that feeling when the snow fell and flying to colorado to snowboard no i can board wheneven i want.
Mountain boarding is something young that needs to be new to everyone. Its needs to be embraced and i bet that many of the skateboarders if they gave it a try would love it the limits that you can go can be endless
Drossi28 Drossi28
26-30, M
May 13, 2012