What Is Your Board By Any Name Can Make You Say...sweet

Find the right board your yourself is like finding anything. Its just not about pricing, name brand, or how cool it looks its about the right size, shape, and fit for not only your wallet but your body. Now i ride my mbs pro 95 its like thge faithful old friend that i can always depend on but that me. I say when looking for the board that fits you shop around, research, and please ask questions.
This is the DNA OF My board
Part Description PRO 95 (Retaliation)
Rider Style Pro Freestyle
Overall Weight 6.7 (kg) / 14.8 (lb)
Overall Length 114.4 (c) / 45.0 (in)
Axle to Axle Length 94.4 (c) / 37.2 (in)
Deck Construction Reverse Cap Composite (Wood Core / Fiberglass Wrap)
Deck Stiffness 5
Graphic Material PBT
Grip Tape 46 Grit - Alum. Oxide
Deck Tip Angle 30
Deck Length 95.0 (c) / 37.4 (in)
Deck Width 24.4 (c) / 9.6 (in)
Deck Weight 2.2 (kg) / 4.9 (lb)
Truck Type Matrix Pro
Truck Material Cold Forged 6061-T6 Alum Hanger with Cromoly axle; CNC 6061-T6 Top Truck
Truck Color Silver Anodize - MBS Print
King Pin M6 (Cromoly)
Suspension Red Eggs
Axle Width 39.9 (c) / 15.7 (in)
Axle Diameter 12mm
Hub Type Rock Star Pro (Alum)
Color Silver
Accepts Bearing Size (OD) 28mm
Bearing 12x28mm
Tire Type T3 (8")
Tire Color Black
Binding Type F4 Pro - White
Hardware Type Stainless / ZP
Grab Handle Drilling Required
Brake Compatible Yes
Brake Included? No
Assembly Component Pack
Overall Length with Matrix 114.4 (c)
Overall Length with Vector 109.1 (c)
Overall Length with ATS 108.7 (c

A good thing to also know is your weight vs. the wieght limit of your board. All in all check around and find what right for you

www.mbs.com / www.groundindustries.com two great sites to check out.
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26-30, M
May 13, 2012