How U Gonna Ride.

FREERIDE: Catching speed and hitting the back country trails or ski resorts minus the snow freeriding is about loving the land and the board. not too much to think about just you, your board, and the open twist and turns...9in wheeel are good for this and a break system is a plus for reducing speed and safety.

CARVING: Not your dads thanksgiving knife show but a full on king of the asphalt jungle ride. this is about turns heading down big mountain raods (safely) and getting into those turns. Toeside to heelside better on a longboard and make sure that your board is set up for the best ride. Pneumatic wheels with super grip traction and matrix trucks for the best rebound into your next turn. For the beginners i would add a breaking system.

BIG AIR RIDING: For those that like to jump big and hard get athe board that makes it glossy to transition from land to air and not break in the process. stiffer boards are a plus dont cheap out on this. your need a board that quick to go and thick enough to take your landings.

FREESTYLE: You lords of the trick and showoff masters. this is the jumps, tricks, rail sliding, and board parks of the inner places of your minds. Unlike your big air cousins you want a light boards this is about short distance into a cool jump or trick. your not trying to fly to the moon but land a few jumps, turns, twists, and cool trick.

COMPETION: Now if you want the fame and glory get a board with good speed and matrix trucks for easy turning. This are about going faster than the guy behind you and going at it smooth.

KITERS: Insane in the fun game this it mixing kiting with boarding. For those the live in the clouds and want to get the distance you want a durable and light board, comfortable gloves and some great wind not to mention a good kite system and lots of open spaces.

Drossi28 Drossi28
26-30, M
May 13, 2012