I'm An Actual Multimillionaire

My mom was a rather successful lawyer who sadly passed away a couple years ago. I ended up inheriting over $3M.

Having that money hasn't really change my life. I still know the same people and do the same things. I'd rather have my mom. But at least I don't have to worry about finances.
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Very sorry for your loss!
I sure do hope your friends don't behave differently towards you now that your finances are good. If they do change they are not true friends!
I wish you all the best, and take good care of the money so they last long :) and don't be afraid to enjoy them, but make a plan first :)

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. May your heart continue to find ways to embrace the love you & your mother shared. It is not no ones dream to be without there mom. So I pray for the rest of your life you are comforted by her presents spiritually & given the wisdom in everything your heart desires.
Loving You

<p>I bring a lot of happiness to people rather than traditional charity work and have fun doing so too - more than the best holidays or anything else!</p>

Hello My name is Susan Swalius and well I have an Invention that I know would save many lives I so want to see this on the market and there is money (a lot I'm sure) But I do not have the capitol to get it out there. I am more concerned about the animals it could save and would be so grateful to find someone that believes in it as much as I do. Save lives and make money not bad. If interested you can track me down on face book check out my profile and see just by my post why this means so much to me.

Im glad to see some people dont change when mass amouns of cash left to one . <br />
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Personally , im broke , in dept... live in my car. i am far frim being a millonaire odds are ill never be a thousandaire lol . but i know if i would be id stay as real as i am now. Just not homeless lol

I don't have a paid off home, or any home or apartment of my own. I don't have a new car. I was divorced and my life destroyed. My ex has made my child (and me though I don't show it) an emotional wreck. I am very sick, not disabled though I could qualify. I can't work at my normal job and I can't find any one that will hire me. Doctors appointments to make, tests, physical therapy, etc. I'm a huge liability. I went from making good money to having literally nothing. When I got illegally evicted, my landlord took all my possessions. I'm still in court for that but I just want my things, not money and he's ditched all my things.<br />
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Instead of posting about wanting a vacation, I spend most of my time (after taking care of my preschooler and my terminally ill father) working on my own business. If no one will hire me, I will create a business. I will hire myself essentially.<br />
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You have nice things that others don't. This person lost their mother. Sure, they don't have to fret about the electric bill but they obviously hurt and want their mom. I'm watching my dad die and it's horrible to lose a parent, even if you get a good bit of money from it, and here you are complaining and wanting a vacation? Where is your shame? Where are your condolences?<br />
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Original poster - I'm sorry for your loss, truly sorry. I still have both my parents but my dad's illness has made me really appreciate what I have, luckily before it's gone. I'm also sorry that I'm sure you get many requests like this. I hope your friends are wonderful people who don't ask for money.<br />
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I don't want a dime from you, but if you need a trustworthy bookkeeper or a virtual assistant, I'm your girl. I think if people just had a little more integrity, the world would be a better place.

I'm not a millionaire. I'm 48 years old and I'm disabled. I had hopes and dreams and 10 years ago I started getting sick. My husband and I are now bankrupt. I would love to have a <br />
Million dollars if anyone out there has that kind of money to change my family's life. After taking care of some Medical Bills I've acquired since we filed Bankruptcy, paid our double wide trailer off, and got us a new car. Then I would take my whole family on a trip to Disney World. I never got to go on even one vacation. My kids didn't either. So it would be great If we could all go together. My 4 Grandkids would love it. I can dream.