I Won The Lottery And Am Now A Multi Millionaire!

I discovered the secret to making money. Belief, at first it felt hard to truly believe that i had won millions of dollars. But i had to find ways to truly believe. I found the house of my dreams and I pictured every morning waking up inside my house, laying in bed and truly feeling my wealth and feeling gratitude. I believe that i create my own life and what i ever i want i get! I wanted to come into millions of dollars and i have!! Personally after my success i believe there is no other way to easy riches than to believe you already are!!!
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I actually made my first 780,000 Dollars by scamming. Everything after that was legit though. I DID get caught, but because I scammed a high-profile company they dared not go public with it and all they did was fire me and make me sign an ex-post non-disclosure agreement. I managed to funnel part of the company's cash flow through my personal account located offshore where my girlfriend worked as a contractor. Money was parked overnight and got interested at the CD rate. Nobody got hurt, but I got rich!
After that I bought a supermarket, then a bookstore, a gas station, an apartment complex, then another one. Fun, fun, fun!!

Lovely story...so are you saying LOA works??? Is that something you tried or not?

Congratulations! Sounds like you have found yourself living the good life. Cheers to living life to the fullest!

I believe that I also have millions on the way to me. Everyday I am grateful for what I have. I image the home I'll live in the people I'll help. Thank you for your story.

belief is nice..cute even..but some of us have to work hard, wake up everyday and invest wisely, and make our money that way,,earn it not win it....ur very lucky.
but believe ur going to win is not good advice to give to others...learn..gather information and knowledge...make a plan..then work hard...seeems like better advice

Hello My name is Susan Swalius and well I have an Invention that I know would save many lives I so want to see this on the market and there is money (a lot I'm sure) But I do not have the capitol to get it out there. I am more concerned about the animals it could save and would be so grateful to find someone that believes in it as much as I do. Save lives and make money not bad. If interested you can track me down on face book check out my profile and see just by my post why this means so much to me.

ok I'll try this but if it doesnt work .. who do i come after with my chain saw ?