My Dream Come True...

I am always looking for a guy who will *** for me as much as I want.  Boys with lots of cream are so hot, but what I really like is knowing how much I am pleasing him.  I feel dirty and powerful at the same time.  I worship guys who can control their ******* (and their amazing dicks) and I can't understand why every guy wouldn't want to learn how.

And I'm a very good teacher.

Mareola Mareola
26-30, F
4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Yes it is true that women love this but I have had to prep most of them for what might happen with me. The ******* I get can be so intense that someone not ready for it will think there is a problem. I have had a series last for about ten minutes (at least it seemed like ten) without really ever stopping :) She definitely knew what to do to please me.

I can *** without *********** and stay hard

Oh god! If I were closer to you I'd be your willing student. This is something I REALLY want to learn. My wife, however, is about as willing as a plank. That, however, will change in the coming months. Plans are afoot...

I can last for hours. I'm willing to show you, teacher.