So, I had a rather busy day today.

Cooked bacon and eggs for a hungry family, dressed 1 small boy for school and 1 small girl for her stay at Nanny's place. Packed myself some lunch, washed the dishes and delivered 2 kids to their various destinations.
I started work at 8.15am.. silly time I know but that's what the roster said... and worked until 12.15pm... another silly time!
Consulted with my Sister-In-Law on her wedding invitations which I am making once she FINALLY settles on her colors.
After work I did the weekly grocery shop before collecting small girl from Nan's house which as always, had to include a painfully long cup of coffee. Raced home to unpack and put away the groceries.
Dabbled in the fascinating world of EP for a short while and finally had to force myself to log off.
Made a mad dash for school to collect small boy. Came home and made 2 kids an afternoon snack and helped with Kindergarten homework.
Had a moment of pure panic when I thought Small boys Siamese Fighting Fish had decided to join the big clean fish tank in the sky, but was relived when the silly thing moved.
Put on a load of washing, organized clothes for 2 kids for tomorrow, packed lunch boxes and hung out the finished load of washing.
Planned the "cooking" jobs for the week, cleaned the main bathroom INCLUDING dusting the s-bend pipe behind the toilet (hehehe.. cant help myself!!!)
Picked up 2 million toys (it seems like that many when I was collecting them all), cleaned the filters in the washing machine and tumble dryer. Dusted my bedroom and vacuumed the whole house before emptying the vacuum cleaner.
Bathed and PJ'd 2 kids and weathered the complaints while brushing out knotty blond curls.
Made laksa for dinner and fed the troops once again, washed up... again. Got all the things ready for breakfast, made arrangements with a friend for play group tomorrow, cleaned 1 pair of soccer boots and read 2 bedtime stories.
Tucked 2 kids into bed and said goodbye to the hubby who has gone out for a work dinner......
Now I'm sitting down for maybe the second time today and I think I deserve a glass or two of wine!!! I doubt this makes for very interesting reading but I just wanted to write it all down to see how much of the page it took up... hehehe. I'm sure all your lives are FAR to busy to be reading about my boring but hectic day!!
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Cant believe I didn't add that in iluv .... best stress reliever I know of .... not to mention the enjoyment factor.

Can't help but ask if you find a few minutes for self-pleasure. Seems to me a requirement on such a busy day.

Did she ever tell us what Laksa is? 8)

Good on you for stepping in where required Ironman and for giving it your all ... I think the multitasking comes with experience. I sometimes think back to when I was just married and shudder at the amount of time I wasted back then!!

Thanks figment ... I think I might just have to treat myself :)

Dusted the s-bend pipe huh? Thats what was missing from my list as I read your list and did a mental checklist of what I go through as well... hehe I hear you loud and clear Sass

The Laksa is not a bad effort - but there are easy and less easy ways of making that :) I'm sure you'll find balance across the week. Maybe six months or more for that s-bend.

Normally more mess-making than cleaning xRocks.. of the great tasting kitchen variety :) I didn't get to cook too much today which I missed but that was probably for the best, all things considered!

I can imagine your day, reading that. Hope not all days include so much cleaning! <br />
<br />

Lol Isshe... I'm glad ONE of us is feeling normal!

MissSass, I loved reading about your was very busy! It's the mundane everyday lives that I love to learn makes me feel normal! lol