Sometimes I Believed I Have Killed And Can't Remember ...

small things come to my mind and like a wash out of memory ... I see scenes and feel like I was either there or know something about the person or that I did that ... like I seen a picture of a girl throwing puppies over a river bank and it made me feel like maybe I did that as a child...and I can't remember well

or I think about the little boy I was his girlfriend when we were little and he drown when I was 7 or 8 .... I know we used to go for walks and to the park
sometimes I feel like I caused it ... that I was with him that day and maybe I forgot if its so traumatic and ran away?

I think did someone try to make me look like a murderer over bill or that I was an arsonist ... with the house fires???

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2 Responses May 15, 2012

It sounds like you could be a psychic or just over thinking things. I've done that before... Something scared me so much and I started to believe maybe I did it or caused it. In reality you would remember that no matter how traumatic.

I feel like a murderer anyway.<br />
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I am sure people abuse me as if I was...<br />
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maybe it was my fault Werner died ?