Murder By Inaction

yes i killed someone. i may not have killed them with my own hands but i good as well did it. you see my grandfather was dying, he had surgery years ago and it began to bleed again. it was a simple fix for the doctors, he could have survived it, he wanted the surgery. but the bastard who lied about having the medical proxy refused to so much as get him a second opinion. i should have done something then, myabe my grandfather who i loved would still be alive today and happy. you see he was sent to hospice, then one day as i was visiting him the murder who killed him showed up there. he attacked me and i fended him off, but i didn't attack him back. what if i had? what if i had done something to stop him when i should have? my grandfather may be alive today. but now i have to live with the fact i did nothing to help him when no one else would. i could have saved his life, but instead i did nothing and now i have to live with the fact i helped to kill a man i cared for greatly. a good man, a man who wanted to live. take this message at heart people, do whatever you can to help those you love.
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

Those who should have done their JOB did not do it, it was not your fault at all, not in the least!!!! Do you think you could have called another doctor, or were you too late to do so? Well the doctors who should have cared for him farked it up... And it is they who should have gotten a second opinion, how could you have known what to do on how to get one?