Didn't Mean To

I don't talk bout it much, but one day when I was 14 I step on a bird n killed it :(, I cried as soon as i saw what i did, i wasn't trying to, I was only trying to scare it away, I was just having fun, I done it a million times n the bird always fly away, who would think this one would or could not, It was very hard when it frist happin n i was crying n telling my mom, n she sayed the bird was going to die anyway if it could not fly a cat or something would of got it, n stuff like that. But i still think bout that bird i gave it a funerel n named it heaven, I hope it will forgive me.
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2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

Don't worry, The Great Circle of Life will be complete when you are pecked to death next month by one thousand birds.

Awww. We've all done something like that. Poor birdie and poor you.