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I love my Job. I have been given a great gift i often feel unworthy of.
I run the art center at City Museum, its called art city , If youv'e ever been to St. Louis you have heard of the City Museum, 600,000 visitors a year. Lets say 30% of the patrons visit art city and draw on the wall, paint a picture, use a ball of clay, well ive worked there for 9 years, almost every weekend, give or take a year thats aprox ALOT of people I had had the opportunity to engage with when I work,
I am there, materials prepared, paints fresh, paper cut. allways willing to Inspire, The Foundation is in Recycled art materals,ReUsing what ever is at hand, Tonight I worked the whole studio by myself, had it running like a machine, with lots of partrons visiting multiple tables, groups chalking and chatting, whole familes painting together.
Today it was like a job, tomorrow too, when 100s of people come and go and leave a mess, answering the same questions over and over, can be VERY challenging, then clean up at the end of the night, breaks my heart, while I am helping someone a group will have a blitz and make a mess, that i have to put away or trash, then sweet and then mop its all really a job,
I sweat and get messy and my voice hurts and my brain is fried.
but then someone must love your job, and i hear a child laugh and I see a grandma paint a babys feet, there is magic there, and a renewed sense of why I do what I do, because I am strong enough and patient enough to teach 10 5 year olds how to tie a knot 10 times a day, and tell a child that anything it possible and Art is that avenue to create anything you want.
Because I am one of the " Charming Gardeners" of spirit and want to smile at as many people as possible, Because I want the Earth to know I Respect enough want to teach reuse, use less and Especially Creativity and Intiative I plant seeds of potential its not easy, because its awesome. Its my Job. and I LOVE IT. but I could use some friends who understand how hard it can be, Other artists and teachers that i can be inspired by, i often go to other museums, and look at things with wide open eyes
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I'm here because it seems that shortly after I have a good idea, I see someone else "come out" with the very same (or strikingly similar) idea.
I used to find it funny, but then I started to notice it happened a lot.. I thought it might just be me, so I started writing my ideas down, or telling them to other people. I started keeping track.
It happens every single time. Not regular daily ideas, just big or good ones.
I don't find it funny anymore.