A Muse Am I?

I'm writting here because I am a little lost. I have now been told I am someones 'muse' three times now and I didn't really know what it was. I typed 'I am a muse' into google and here I am.
So a muse I am...or so it seems.
I am a lover of life and of art and think that life is the greatest art of all. One that is messy and never complete but yet is beautiful beyond our own human comprehension.
I love to paint and create and read. I also love to write on my blog yagerbabies.com about my five beautiful children and our unique lifestyle.
I can't say much else about myself in order to clear up if I am a muse or not, so..I shall continue to just be as I always do and if my way of life inspires some creativity then I am truly honoured and very blessed indeed.
It's nice to meet you all :)
EcoPrincess EcoPrincess
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

good to know im not imagening things.