And He For Me

the first time, i remember hearing him tell his father. his father asked, "so, what, is she your girlfriend?" and he was on fire, "no. she is my muse."

he photographed me.

the second one, the second man to say so, penned sonnets for me. "sonnets for ******. one, two and three." these were so lascivious i blush from my toes to read them.

the third man, one of the men i love right now, says he is uninspired without me. he writes lenghty appraisals of what he perceives of me.

in a sense, i live for this, because these men have inspired me too. trading these beautiful and passionate moments has been like breathing for me, natural and necessary. the man i love right now, he has given me lifechanging breath, and i am forever altered by his words.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

You <i>are</i> a muse, dear one. I've said it before, you turn up the volume on color.