The Worst Kind of Geek. a Brief Music Lesson

I really am the worst kind of music geek. I`m that guy that people at parties avoid. Why? Because give me the slightest wiff of interest and I will bore you stupid with facts about obscure old blues singers, cult bands from the 70`s, power-pop/new wave bands that no one but I remember, let alone care about. Or I may even render you comatose by reciting the entire history of the Australian music scene.

My lust for discovering new music, lost gems, hunting down collectables and devouring useless facts knows no bounds.

From about the age of ten, after seeing AC/DC on a mid 70`s Australian TV show I`ve been hooked. The song that AC/DC sang was the old blues standard ``Baby Please Don`t Go``. So as a pre teen I had to learn all I could about AC/DC. Not just who was in the band, or what songs were on their 1st album! I went all the way back to Bon Scott`s 1960`s band ``The Valentines`` and his 70`s band ``Fraternity. Did you know that the 1st record that Angus & Malcolm Young played on was by a band called the Marcus Hook Roll Band ? This was a band that featured their producers Harry Vanda & George Young. Did you know that George Young is their older brother? Did you also know that Vanda & Young were in the Easybeats, who were the 1st Australian rock band to have a massive worldwide hit with ``Friday On My Mind`` in 1967. Did you know that ``Friday On My Mind`` has since been covered by David Bowie, Gary Moore, Peter Frampton and a host of others? Did you also know that Vanda & Young performed as Flash & The Pan throughout the late 70`s-mid 80`s and had enourmous success in Australia & though Europe.

See what I mean! This is the kind of rant I love to get into.

I`m obsessive about the music I love, and there is nothing I love more than the hard to find. Once I fall in love with a band or performer, I have to own everything from there past. Bootlegs, demo`s albums, previous bands they were in, I mean the lot.

My cd collection stands at around 5000 at present, as does my vinyl collection, then there are around 2000 cassettes, a few hundred 45`s, a smattering of 78`s ( I inherited my uncles Elvis & Johnny Cash 78`s on the old Sun label) and a  cupboard full of 8-tracks. Then there is my collection of music magazines from the early 60`s through to the mid 80`s, which numbers in the hundreds of copies of Creem, Rolling Stone, Hit Parader and Guitar Player. Lets not also forget my library of music biographies, or my dvd/vhs collection which numbers in the hundreds.

I hate to sound like a broken down old fart, but music of today just doesn`t grab me. No one seems to write new music, most of it is samples or rip offs of classics. I miss the days of putting needle to vinyl and losing myself in the images created through the perfect marriage of original lyric and original melody. I miss the new release of a favorite band being a true event. Music is free now, lets face it, and that makes it disposable, which breaks my heart.

There is not much that I won`t listen to and enjoy, except for Hip-Hop, Rap & bland pop.

I love The old bluesmen, such as Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy Waters, Lightnin` Hopkins, Hound Dog Taylor and especially the marvelous John Lee Hooker. The original wild men of rock Gene Vincent, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard and of course Jerry Lee Lewis who are as raw and as potent as ever. From the 60`s I adore The Who, The Kinks, The Easybeats, The Masters Apprentices, The Small Faces.

But the 70`s was my decade. That gave me Rod Stewart back when he was great, it gave me Thin Lizzy, glam rock, Cheap Trick, AC/DC, The Faces, Humble Pie, Slade, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Alice Cooper, Punk Rock, Blondie, Flo & Eddie, Skyhooks, Rose Tattoo, Deep Purple, Argent, New Wave, Siouxie & The Banshees, Buffalo.

The 80`s were kind of grim for me as I hated all that keyboard/electric drum/new romantic la la. Although I will admit to quite liking some of the stuff that Gary Numan put out, same goes for Kraftwork. The 80`s were saved for me by the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. I LOVED THAT SCENE! Bands like Diamond Head, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Girlschool, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Venom, Raven, Bronz, Witchfinder General. It was like punk all over again. To a lesser extent I also held a fond spot for some of the late 80`s hair bands such as Whitesnake, Poison, Pretty Boy Floyd, Wasp, and the like. Although I absolutely hate Bon Bloody Jovi! Pretty boys can`t rock! Or as the mighty Rose Tattoo put it ``Nice Boy`s Don`t  Play Rock & Roll``.

Always did like my music with a good dollop of sex, good humour and raunch, with a hint of danger and violence thrown in for good measure.


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