True Geek

i am one of those nerds that buys a car for 4 grand then drives straight to the stereo store and dumps 20 grand into the system, but damn it sounds great, its not a sound system but a sound experience now shut up and drive..
sadfish sadfish
31-35, M
4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

But Daddy! You said you didn't have any money for Christmas! Or my birthday! Or, wait a minute,…. ever!!!!?!!!
Guess I know where your priorities are.

I used to climb into the rafters of an opera house and listen to the musicians practice.There is nothing more haunting than listening to music with words that you cannot understand but you do understand one thing. That they are singing about a heart so broken that there are no pieces to put it back together.I would sneak on the orchestras as well. Hours and hours in the dark, rows of seats listening to incredible music played by people hunched in excruciating focus and near exhaustion for the love of that music.I'm a different kind of music geek but I want the same thing as the rest. For the music to be poured into me. I want to breathe it in and bathe in it. I want my cells to vibrate at its frequency.

why would i wave? you better be with me...

Of course I would be.My heavens what are you thinking??You know and I know.Others need not apply. = )

Sit down,shut up,seatbelt yourself.I drive,fast,from point A to F.Music loud ,sunglasses on .Hair whipping in the wind.Yes,that's me singing at the top of my voice,drumming on my steering wheel.Life is nothing without the music.Wave when you see me go bye.