Seeing Lahuitretare In Perpignan


It was only the second time they have been to Perpignan but it was still a brilliant gig, and especially so since we didn't have to go to Toulouse or Carcassone to see them.

Helene, who often seems the lead singer, always challenges the audience with what little she wears. Amelie and I decided to go dressed as angels last night, but there was nothing cherubic about us! We wore paratrooper boots and white stockings with a white suspender belt, and our only other garment was angel wings! Helene once did a show with this outfit, and we sought to copy her example!

They played our favourite songs, including LaHuitreTare, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even if we were effectively naked in public! The guys were very protective of us, so we weren't bothered overmuch, and the venue didn't bother us, or any of the other girls who were topless or more at the gig.
CEBarthez CEBarthez
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1 Response May 5, 2012

That sounds like a pleasant time.