I'm a Music Freak

I call myself such....

My music program:

6:00 am -  play my playlist

7:45 - leave for work

all off periods on my desk - plug my headset, play my playlist

4:00 pm walk home

4:05 -  play my playlist til I sleep

12:00 midnight-  leave the music playing til I dose off

Music is my life.......*smile*


chinadoll2552 chinadoll2552
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 20, 2009

you' something like me....music is my life , music is my religion ...<br />
i just love it love it love it<br />
can't stay a day without it, and when my headphones get broken i keep on crying till i buy new ones<br />
i'm a music freak more tha n you<br />
if music is a man...ooooooooooooh!!!!! i can't imagine what i'm gonna do to him!!!