Does anyone have any music suggestions? It can be a song, artist or album. I really need new music :)
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operator and How can I fall? I forgot who wrote them. I found them on you tube and like them.

Sunday morning-maroon five

Paul Oakenfold

Music is amazing. There's something for just about everyone. My music taste is extremely diverse so I can suggest anything from lighthearted pop songs to brutal heavy metal. But music is music, it may not all sound the same, and that is what makes it so enjoyable. For you I'd recommend a band called I The Mighty, they are amazing. Especially the songs "Failures" and "The Lying eyes of Miss Erray"

Thank you!

Try this new kid... Joyner Lucas

Them crooked vultures are cool and so is mudhoney

Well not sure what sort of music you like to listen to so Im just going to suggest some favourite bands/artists.

Black Veil Brides (try their songs In The End, Fallen Angels, Rebel love Song or if you want something a little calmer, Lost It All or Goodbye Agony are good ones to try. I could give you many more if you want!)

5 Seconds of Summer (Amnesia, Good Girls, What I Like About You are my favourites)

My Chemical Romance (popular songs include: Welcome To The Black Parade, Helena, Sing, Mama, Famous Last Words, Fake Your Death)

Juliet Simms (Her song Not Broken Yet is beautiful as well as End of The World [music video is quite emotional so have tissues!] )

Lana Del Rey (Born To Die, Summertime Sadness and Blue Jeans are my favourites)

Demi Lovato (Give Your Heart A Break, Skyscraper, Nightingale << these depend on your mood. You want happier songs go for Neon Lights or Really Don't Care)

Fit For Rivals (Damage and Crash in my opinion are the best)

Taylor Swift (Red is a beautiful song and my current favourite. She has many more songs that are nice so just explore!)

As you can see I have a wide range of music taste so if you need more suggestions just message me and I'll give you more to explore! Hope this helps :)

Thank you, I'll add those to the list :)

cool :) have fun!

U didnt give a genre silly :)

no specific genre, just anything is fine

try out the district sleeps alone tonight by the postal service ;)

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no. suicidalbieber: I'm suicidal and I love Justin bieber...

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it's okay

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The 1975, twenty one pilots, neck deep, Pvris, catfish and the bottlemen, Halsey, Mallory Knox, The neighbourhood

^some of my faves 👽

Thank you

I saw about the depression thing also, I think you'd really love twenty one pilots :) I know I do and their music is literally words of wisdom.

Mine is Sex, heart out and robbers. I can't pick just one x)

carry on my wayward son by kansas