I love music, different bands and genres, but I wouldn't say I am a melomaniac. I don't love all the songs I come across, no. I love only chosen ones. There are two main sources where I pick up new compositions from. The 1st one is a Russian very-very popular here radio station EuropaPlus which translates the newest hits and has its own charts, tops and all. Very-very good station, find and listen to it online, you won't regret it! And the 2nd source is movie trailers. Actually I wanted this 2nd category to comprise all the YouTube videos I watch but most of them doesn't have any background music, that's why movie trailers. And here is a curious thing about trailers. I noticed that what I see in the trailer, the picture, influences my attitude to the soundtrack of it. I mean, I would hardly loved the composition composed by Hanz Zimmer played in Interstellar trailers. BUT because of the great shots and atmosphere I love this music (forgot their titles, unfortunately). And rarely I like the music from movies themselves. Best compositions to you all!
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I love music
So I'll totally give this a try