I got the coolest present for Valentines day! I got a violin, because I've always wanted to learn to play. I told my twin she's getting industrial earplugs and candy for Valentines day lol
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That is cool. I hope you've been enjoying it.

You must play the flight of the valcyrie ..and produce a youtube video...ill be waiting to watch this

I will try. How about I do a Karaoke one? I love singing!

ill sing along then..thenyou ALL need earplugs

I will close my mouth and smile. I should not be the only soloist

I won $1500. Pat Benetar. Heartbreaker

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Sounds good :)

Thank you! Want some ear plugs, in case it doesn't sound good? Haha!


I'm so excited for you. Your twin will love it I know.,

or she'll smile and act like it lol

Yes she most probably would lol