My favourite song of 2016 so far:)
BlueMetalFuckWit BlueMetalFuckWit
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This is a sick song

Sick meaning good?

Great song

Thank you. It makes me happy when I play it. I hope it makes you feel happy too:)

Sure does make me smile, so does your username

lol....I actually took the 'What Colour Are You' test on Facebook. According to the test my colour is

Lol well I can assure you that your color is blue based on your name and pic

If you say so boss

Lol I hate being the boss, id rather be told what to do

lol....well then in that case do your homework!

Ugh nah I'm good

lol...don't be a naughty girl. If you study hard now and for the next 5 or 6 years you'll be on easy street for the rest of your life. If you don't take education seriously you'll struggle all your life.

Ya I know, I already did my homework for the record. And yes, studying is important but I never helped me when I did it. I gotta change my habits

In my opinion being on this website is a total waste of time

Why do you say that?

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