Music...the Only Place Where Life Can Be Perfect.

Ever since I can remember there was music in our house.  We were surrounded by all types-Acadian, Country, Rock, Dad played guitar, my Mom was always singing.  Cousins, aunts and uncles were always making music!  As we grew up, my brother picked up the guitar, too.  I started out playing my friend's piano (we couldn't afford one), then I got to Grade 8.  My music teacher encouraged me to pursue my love of music and it changed my life!  I was in band all throughout high school, picked up trumpet, guitar, some bass...then went to college to continue-Music Production, Recording and Engineering.  I was one of only 8 females in the entire program.  I started performing even more-singing and playing one of my instruments-I loved the feeling of knowing it was "clicking"-that "zing" you feel when the band can't go wrong.  One night, the drummer was sick and there was no back-up.  I offered-I figured I could at least play the necessary beats to get us through the night.  With nobody else volunteering, the guys agreed-I immediately fell in love!  It seemed so natural, like I didn't have to think about what I was doing!  The only difference was where I placed my mic stand-just to the left of my snare hand!  I was fortunate to find a group of guys that asked me to join them.  They had experience, enthusiasm and great skills!  It pushed me do even better, to challenge myself-vocally and on my skins.  I had never really been taken seriously before-being a female drummer is not the norm, so I never acknowledged my talent and abilities. With this group, it was different. We played constantly.  Eventually,  I met my husband while on tour.  We got to play together, travel together and make music together!  I've left the touring life behind (for the most part-my health had been neglected for too long) and only play once a month or so.  I still record, still do the odd big show...I miss it, but I also wanted a normal 9-5 job!  It was strange at first-not doing groceries or laundry at 4am, not being in hotel rooms for weeks at a time...Heck, I even got a cat!  I was never home before, so it was never an option.  Still, there is nothing like that feeling when everything just goes right on stage...everything clicks, everyone gels, perfect harmonies-nothing else matters at that moment... it reminds me (even on the worst days) that there must be a heaven!  I bet that's exactly what heaven will feel like, but without any breaks! 

AnnaGretsch1973 AnnaGretsch1973
36-40, F
Mar 9, 2010