To My Heavenly Father Please Come In

stuck here at home with parents yet i still feel on my own in this cold world it is hard to be me forced to act and sound like what other sound act and behave see me im slave forced to work for a wage then when i tried to relax and chill and unwind from the day i took some **** that mad my body sit still first for days than for weeks what led to months soon years bringing  to life all my fears dr. said to take his meds and from drugs to stand clear as he stood near
felt like god was watching me judgeing me as i was now becomeing weird strang deranged overly compasionate enthusiastic and unsound it was profound to my knees i hit the ground on my face was a frown a smile that was upside down everything was funny looking and in the mirror i saw a clown man i felt so down paranoia of everything around scared of everything and everyone that stood around me planning senarios for every move i made and in the sun i moved in the shade unhappy about every move that i made skateing on an everlasting glade somking ice and hangging out of night to hide my fight chalangeing everyone in site man what have i done to my life living in fear not even scared of a gun when i didn't even possess a knife trife mom brother wife neigbor father friend became my foe man if one only knew my life belongs to you lord i shall recieve thou and your knock will be asnswered come on in im full of sin free me from the shakles i have built and placed apoun from within i love you father please come in cleanse and forgive my sins make my frown turn rightside up let me win amen!!!!!!!!!!!
Seventhirty457 Seventhirty457
31-35, M
Nov 22, 2011