I came here to post a story about playing guitar, and as I waited for the page to open, I thought, being a muscian is about so much more than the instrument played, often, there is not a traditional instrument. So, instead of sharing how incredible I feel when I play, or how the guitars hang in aniticipation of being strummed, and always offer solace...or whatever I am in search of....I will share another aspect. Nature is my favorite musician; the rhythm of the rain, the rustle of the leaves clammering together when the wind blows, the steps of people moving with the day, the melody of the birds, the drum of horses' hooves slamming the earth as they run, the drop of water that trickles slowly and hurries its way to a splash...there are so many sounds offered to us from Mother Earth, a symphony played personally for you and me. For me, there is no greater joy, I am this symphony's biggest fan. And, sometimes, I like to join Her, play along. I will find myself breathing in rhythm and tapping my foot long. And, sometimes, I will reply to the symphony with beats of bongos.This is when I can feel the unity of the Earth and myself with incredible strength.
31-35, F
May 19, 2012