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Well, I am a singer but I tend to be afraid of what others think and freeze on stage that keeps me back from performing how I should, any suggestions?
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Honey, we're one and the same! I'm also an aspiring singer (as well actress) who has a hard time letting go in front of others. Honestly, your biggest critique is yourself. Also, not everyone is going to like you no matter how talented you are! So as long as you know you're great and you have confidence then it will shine and if some people don't see it, screw them! Others will. You should just work on your craft and have a great time performing and not even notice if you are being evaluated or judged. Hence what's working for me are some pre show rituals and remembering to always, always have nothing but a good time (in the words of poison) :) Break a leg!

Believe in your self, try telling your self that you are good even if no one else thinks so! as long as you enjoy it and have fun then who cares what people say! The odds are that you are a lot better than you think you are!

Thank you lovecello

I've been there... It's tough but you can do it!!