Music is my life.  There is no other way to describe it other than that.  I live, breathe, sleep, see, hear, and sense music 24/7 and in every aspect of my life.  Instrument wise, I am a singer, a Soprano to be exact, I love singing everything from Opera/classical to Broadway to Jazz.  My favorite to sing would probably be Operatic/classical.

I am learning to play the piano, learning music theory/counterpoint/fundamentals, and have played th cello since I was 6.

What  listen to is a myriad of different styles and sounds that seems to baffle everyone I know.  I listen maily to international music (World languages is another one of my passions) with a major major, I'd say about 80% emphasis on Japanese Rock and Pop (Not mostly anime music, just to clarify).  My favorite music artist is Gackt.  Other international music I listen to is Israeli music (Mainly just Idan Reichel) and French rock (Emphasis on the band Kyo).  Other than that, I never listen to the American radio unless its on a classic rock or classical station.  I listen to classic Rock (Mid 70s and earlier) and some of the mis 80s stuff.

To sum it all up, I'm a person who lies breathes, eats and sleeps music, and I have to say the while the Beatles were fantastic, the Rolling Stones were better.  And RINGO is the best Beatle by far!
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Music is aural ******

You might enjoy this artist. He is adamant about keeping his music true and refuses to dilute it for commercial purposes.

I respect that. I love music as well. But I invite you to look more closely at what you've been missing. True, American media has sucked the life out of almost any artist worth listening to and has drained music of what makes it so special to me, but there are some wonderful artists out there who defy the expectations of the money-crazed media and who produce true music. By choosing to ignore the entirity of American music because of what its majority portrays I found I've missed out on a lot of great artists. And so, while I understand your viewpoint I invite you to take a closer listen. Who knows? Among the rubble of the over-commercialized junk, you might find something worth listening to. :^)

I am also a musician. I have been intrigued by the Beatles music far more than the Rolling Stones because of the beauty and complexity/simplicity of the compositions, both musically and lyrically. Though I am a Stones fan too.<br />
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I feel like I've been influenced by the Beatles in my songwriting too, though I have many more influences that are more prevalent.

You sound like an awesome person! Music is my life as well! :) I can't decide whether I like Stones or Beatles the best, I love both of them. But my favourite band is The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I think my world will collapse if they decide to break up!