I'm Kind of Elitist.

I didn't have much of a musical upbringing. My parents wanted me to take piano when I was young, but they never forced me, and now I really wish they did. I played violin when I was around 7, hated it, gave that up very quickly. Then later, around 11 or 12 years old, I started on piano and really liked it for a while. I played that until grade 10, while I started the French Horn in grade 8. I also took up bass in grade 11. I was actually part of Musicfest Canada's National Concert Band in this past May (2007). Now I'm planning to go to school with it and hopefully make a career. However, along the way, I've developed this sort of major dislike for guitar players. They say they are musicians when 90% of them only know how to play tabs. That's just playing songs...which there's nothing wrong with, only, don't call yourself a real musician until you know how to read music. Take up a jazz. Oh, I also hate it when people are all like "MUSIC IS MY LIFE" when they don't play anything and just listen to crappy, no-skill bands. And when they get a tatoo of something like a treble clef without knowing what it is...that's just ridiculous. Don't be stupid, please.
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As a guitar player, I only play tabs. But I started with the flute in fifth grade and fell in love with it. I'm a senior now and plan on playing in college. I also play piccolo, piano, and bari sax. I'm hoping to learn the clarinet soon.

Don't call yourself a musician till you do it for a living...anything else is just a hobby

No, it's not a hobby when you spend hours and hours practicing a 4 page long solo that you're using as a university audition in order to make a career. Musicianship doesn't start at a career, it starts when someone falls in love with an instrument.

lol i completely agree. I play the piano. i was classically trained, not since i was a kid though. i started late. :D well a lot of teeners and people are like that. If someone claims that music is their life, yes, one must know how to play an instrument. because i think you cannot consider it YOUR LIFE if you don't even have a 'hands-on' experience with something.. thanks for this post! :D

I couldn't agree more. My little brother tries to tell me that music's his life when all he does is listen to crappy rap and pop all day

I agree with you all the way. I play violin and viola, and music actually is my life. Instead of having friends, I hang out in a practice room all day with my instrument and music, preparing for preforming. Some of the stuff that people call music today takes no talent and ****** me off when people say they love music and that it is their life, but they have no clue what it means to have your life be music and to truly be in love with music and a musical life.<br />
Thank you for putting this to words! I couldn't agree with you more!