Music Is My Life.

I'm a musician. I have been since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I've played around with piano since I was 8 or 9, but still not very good. I started bassoon(my life) about 7 or 8 years ago and it's about the only thing in my life that always makes me happy. I've picked up sax(alto/tenor) and flute since then but I plan on spending the rest of my life becoming the best bassoonist/musician possible. I'll major in it and maybe educate someday.
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Playing instruments are the only thing that ever make me happy either (or singing). I 'mess around with' keyboard/piano too :P and I play the sax. I didn't play for a year because I was at uni studying a science degree that I struggled with and hated and then I didn't have anywhere to practice.<br />
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Now I go to a rehearsal room for £10 for 2 hours. It's not very nice and it's cold and its far from my house but I don't want to forget how to play my instrument and want to be the best sax pla<x>yer I can be and I love my instrument. I've found a better place which is more expensive, warmer :P and slightly closer.<br />
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Sometimes I lose motivation because I think I'l never be a successful musician because I wont ever do it as a career but you never know. Yolanda Adams studied where I did and taught herself like I do and now she's famous and successful. But I really have to remember that fame doesn't equal success. I can be successful without that. I need to do it because I enjoy it and strive to get better for my own satisfaction and as long as I improve that is success.<br />
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One day (somehow), even though I don't know what to do with my life, I want to live in a detached house and have a sound-proof music room. Doesn't matter if the house has a bedroom or kitchen or bathroom lol I just want somewhere I can play any time I like without disturbing anyone because it really makes me sad that I can't practice much at home because I live in a flat (apartment) (underneath the neighbour from hell who hates me for no reason.)<br />
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I feel musically oppressed but one day I'll be free.

I actually didn't go that path. I'm a computer science major now, but I still play and my passion for music hasn't died at all. I'm hoping that I can get into the music program at the college I want to transfer to so I can get back into an actual ensemble. I miss it horribly.

i wish i had your direction

haha. I hope so too. I hope that I actually can get that far. Thanks for the compliments/encouragement. :D

It is great to know what you want to do in life at an early age. I think you will be a successful bassoonist!<br />
Maybe someday I'll get to hear you play. Moxie