Aww...birds Chirpin, Bells Ringin....or What The Heck Am I Getting Into??!

Hi all,

First time on this site and I am so glad I found it. I am engaged to a musician. All his life he has wanted to be a rock star and play on the big stage. He had a pretty successful band before they split and he moved to Los Angeles, where he bumped into me. He has played bass and sung since he was a kid. We have been together for over five years now and he has not had much success being in Los Angeles. Then again, after the first year I wasn't that supportive either, we had some, ahummm difficulties. So I wasn't very trusting of band practices and gigs where I wasn't able to attend, this created a uncomfortableness around the whole idea of music. Needless to say we did work through all the difficulties, I have to give my man credit, he truly worked hard and did a 180.

My question lays here... what is it about being a "rockstar" that he loves? I have never understood what it is that attracts all these people. I for one love music, but I don't get all goo goo gaa gaa over musicians. I feel like musicians like or need to constant attention, they want people to like them, is that why they get into the business? I asked my fiance if he truly just loves music would he be satisfied just playing for recording studios or teaching? The answer was no, he wants to play on the big stage. This doesnt make sense to me, if you love music and you were paid for it, then why not be satisfied. So agian my question, what is it about the big stage or the "rockstar" status? All I can think is that he wants lots of girls attentions, the OK to act like a kid and the option to do whatever he pleases. Please tell me I am wrong, any rockstar wife's out there that can shed a little light? I asked him to explain what he loves about it and all I got back was it is something that he has always wanted and can not image not being able to play music.
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<p>&nbsp;<p>He just needs the ego boost. It's simple brain chemistry as near as I can tell. Some men cannot get enough praise and adoration so they need it 'in bulk' from adoring fans. I bet he likes you to compliment him. I bet he ASKS you to compliment him. I bet he tells you that you don't 'notice' what he does around the house because you don't thank or compliment him enough. I am guessing that you will never be able to compliment him enough. Good luck. You are trying to figure something out that can't be figured out. (or maybe I am just jaded from my experiences. All men are clearly not alike)</p><p></p>

Are we with the same man?? Lol