Assalamu Alaikum. My name is jake and I'm 22 years old from the United States. I reverted to Islam when I was 20. My parents are both Christian, my mother is practicing, my father is non practicing. They divorced when I was three and my father was given custody. Christianity had never quite made sense to me. I believed in God as one supreme being but had a hard time finding anything logical about the trinity. After graduating high school I moved to kentucky to attend murray state university. There were many Muslims there who I had come to consider friends. I made friends in a facebook group about world issues with a Jordan Chechen. I had already been reading into islam, but he helped me to learn more. After an unbelievable dream about the prophet Muhammad (SAW) and about 6 months of studying and coming to belief, I took the last step and said the shahada. A couple weeks later, I decided to tell my dad. I started slowly talking about Muhammad (SAW) and how many people thought he was bad, to which my father said "He was not a bad man." This was awesome to father, even being Christian, had respect for Muhammad (SAW). Once I told him he told me that it was my choice and that it would change nothing, I'm still his son. Alhamdulillah, all of my friends have also been very supportive and have made a point to not let any temptation around me. In a town in Indiana where I am the only Muslim, I have gotten more love and support than I could have ever imagined (:
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In other words I am proud of you for not just accepting what was thrown at you as most ppl end up in a religion of there parents,n j must dear you my dear young man you are one lucky and special person, as it is said that if you dream about the prophet Muhammad(saw)u have truly seen him cause satan cannot impersonate him. Nt every one is fortunate

This is a wonderful piece,I was born into Islam but I would say I became a Muslim some years back,have always believed that religion was about take several roads to a particular place,until I was asked myself one day why am I a Muslim,then I did research ,read the whole Quran,the bibble,some part of Injeel,and then I realised I thought I was a Muslim before but I wasn't,each time I dis my research I realised I would not in the world pick any other religion, so as of today I am a Muslim not because I was born Into it but because I have realised that tag is the rightfully ordained religion of humanity.Also no matter how depressed I get,or how sad I feel(as Allah(SWT) has said you cannot say you believe in him without been tested ,I realised that,when I open the Quran and read this sudden love and joy overshadows me n I really can't explain it, and it gets so strong that all I wanna do after that is Good things.

I am reading the Quran and it is very similar to the bible in many ways but different at the same time.

Alhamdulillah. Yes many similarities. Both Abrahamic religions

Haha yea I was a non practicing Muslim at first, I was into psychedelic drugs & music, then I found Buddhism, then I wanted to be a buddhist, then I just read the Quran to see if I'm really doing the ryt thing by leaving Islam & then I became a practicing Muslim haha بارك الله