Im from England and im in the closet.. I've always known i was a lesbian since a young age of 12 now im 16 and ive had deep feelings for many girls. I attended an all girls boarding school and was attracted to one girl in particular for over a year like i honestly thought i was in love but i never made a move.
Ive always been the class clown everywhere i go im quite rebellious and i got kicked out of that school for messing about so much and it was so painful having to live without seeing her. Shes so tall and beautiful she has a quiet inner attraction i used to hate and love her so much because i didn't want to feel that way. I never did anything because its forbidden in my religion even though the feelings were so deep i used to feel like nobody else could ever feel the same about someone e.g once she came into the room in gcse exams and i was so stressed out from not seeing her for so long and the fact i was going to fail a major exam because of getting distracted by her i punched the wall so hard my knuckles started bleeding.
Lol im not a psyco with anger issues or anything i just used to get so emotional over her even though she would tease me by ignoring me sometimes which i hated. Anyway im blabbing on too much about her and its taken me a year to get over her properly i know it may sound like i love her or summat but nah i dont find her attractive anymore infact i hardly talk to her.
My parents are divorced my mums really strict and my dads wealthy n considers homo sexuality a sick disease so il never be able to tell anyone. No one in the world knows tbh im afraid some relative will see this but its a low possibility. Woah ive typed like an essay haha anyways if there is anyone out there in the world like me just pop up n lets get married :D jokes loool i like rap music going gym im really slim n just getting tall now. Oh yeah and I always fantasies about having a sleep over with a girl nd kissing her forehead before I go to sleep. Lol dont ask
ManiacPerhaps ManiacPerhaps
18-21, F
Aug 18, 2014