How I Came to Islam

I actually have been Muslim for 16 years, MaashaAllah, and Alhamdulillah!  I was very young when I converted (or reverted, depending on your preference,) and I came to Islam basically from a French class!  It was an advanced French class with which I was struggling to keep pace along with my regular load of classes; and there was a guy in the class who spoke French and was taking the class for an easy "A".  He tutored the bunch of us in the class, and when we met at the library, he always talked about his religion.  (He was Moroccan and Muslim, but I had no idea what a Muslim was.)  When he talked about Islam, comparing it to Christianity, I always agreed with Islam, but he never asked me if I wanted to be Muslim, and I didn't think it was possible to just become another religion, or that the people of that faith would even want you!  So, the semester ended, and off he went to another school in another state; and I never saw him again.  BUT, about six months later, I got a job at a cable company, and working there was this American lady, who didn't appear to be anything but an American lady, and she and I became friends.  It turned out that she was Muslim, though, and not only was she Muslim, but she was close friends with my French tutor's sister!  I began spending time with my friend, and her friends, all of whom were Muslim.  They asked me after about another 6 months if I was interested in becoming Muslim, and I of course agreed.  In my heart, I had been Muslim since the first day Muhammad (my French tutor) began telling me about Islam, because there was never a single moment when my heart resisted, even in the slightest way, maashaAllah.  I found peace, because my heart and head told me that what I was at long last hearing was the truth about God and his prophets, and how we should live as humans, and how we should treat our bodies, (through purification, and prayer, and eating properly, etc.) and how we should treat others, and how we should relate to our Creator and Sustainer.  Also, how we should understand God's creation; you know, like the role of Angles, demons, other beings (like jinn), animals, etc., basically all the the 'alamin.  I have been very strong and strict, and very lax, (never leaving my prayer or fasting, ever) and lots of places in-between since becomming Muslim.  I have accepted that being a better Muslim is my soul's career, and I work at it every day.
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nice story :)<br />
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though its shukran jazeeran :P not jazeerah (which I believe means desert)

What a great story.. But I have a curious mind.. did you get to meet your tutor again?

It's so touching...May God increase your faith. Amin.

thats awesum... keep it up

iam very happy for you as islam is really a great bless.