Proud of Being Muslim

Am very proud to be a is really a great bless i thank god for it.Am from Muslim country,i have been Muslim since i was born. Islam is the religion of forgiveness, tolerance and peace. it teaches people how to treat each other, how to respect the other's opinion and how to live with each other.Islam is not that bad image we see on TV these days,it is not related to terrorism and such killing processes.Islam is innocent of these awful things because Muslim does not kill,  kidnap or even threat an innocent individuals.
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you should be grateful not proud for having an Islamic faith. The word "Pride" can only & only be used for/by Allah (the absolute creator of everything). The treasure of faith is a blessing from Allah, not something that you've earned. Please do not use the word pride/proud and even better if you don't feel proud about anything because everything that you have is ONLY a blessing from Allah, not something that you've earned.

I am sorry if I sound too critical.

Beautiful story. Can u please respond to my latest dated story. Please. I need a lil advice even if its not perfect, its okay.

yeah it seems that people cant handle the truth, so they go on putting the fault on other religions. I think tht we should respect all kinds of religions, just like we respect ours no matter what the tv or any kind of media shows cause afterall we got nothing but our religion.

I am an american and i am going to marry a muslim man from Egypt.. I love him to much and this has been going on with the 2 of us for 7 years.. I do agree with you about the muslim faith. It is one of the most peaceful religions in the world.. Be proud of that.

I respect you guys so much and feel bad that you have to be exposed to negativity in today's culture...we must not blame others religions for what a few whack-jobs decide to do on the weekend.

hi the muslim makes me want to make some observations.<br />
I am proud and happy to be human. and live under the grace of god.<br />
allah is great and allah is god <br />
i am not calling my self a christian as i live teh life taht god gives me each day. i am greatly struck by the living and life and dying of jesus sldo one of the great sons of god togethrer with adam and eve abraham izaak and jacob. if i would say i am of jesus<br />
and follow what he shows as the way then i would be a follower of jeses the christ . but jesus points at god and says abba father your will be done . au i mistaken in seeing what is in froint of my eyes en in all my being here on earth as it is in heaven.. t.b. cont??