Bad Luck

I was working in insulating, i carried a cutlery knife to cut the material. One day I slipped on ice and the knife went up my nose. I bled profusely, the knife went up my right nostril, through my nose and out by my left eye. My wife drove me to the hospital, by the time we arrived I had lost 1/2 my blood. I was rushed inside and checked out. I had emergency surgery that afternoon, was hime that night and back to work 2 days later. The Dr said I should have died, Rapid healing, rengeneration of blood and no vision loss, I dont know if I am a mutant but that sure would fit a lot of facts.
xmenjean701 xmenjean701
3 Responses Sep 18, 2011

Wolverine has this ability and is a mutant so i would say your'e a mutant like me.

I would say you're a mutant. It sounds like you heal rapidly, is this the only time that you have healed unnaturally fast?

Wow, simply WOW. Amazing.