i know i just posted about my mutation but i thought it wasnt specific enough my mutation is the power of mimicking and the ability to master an ability with ease if i see something done i can do it perfectly in the exact same form some people say its gift its a curse because my natural reaction to something i see and think is cool is to try to copy it and i usually master that motion, attack, or ability with ease but because i copy it people think i have adhd or something wrong with me and i dont know how to control this power to master something with ease and it makes me mad because i want to learn something with ease but i cant control when my power works or when it doesnt i need help to try to control it

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don't worry, lots of us mutants have similar problems. for instance if i touch someone for too long and i am not concentrating they might die!

i also do something similar. as well, ive been diagnosed iwth adhd. i have figured out a way to harness, our "problems" please contaact me? thank you.