Not Sure What I Am.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I was born differently than others... half only being physical... but also sensory type.... Ever since i was born, for some reason my senses has been much more enhanced than that of a normal human... I don't know if anyone here will believe me or not... But I was born with senses like a wolf. My ears had whitish "fur" on them and they for some reason are shaped like wolf ears but retaining being human like. Another thing about me is that even though I do absolutely nothing to increase my speed... ever since i was first able to walk all the way to now... My speed has grown greatly and I have become quite fast over my 18 years of life in this world... One last thing about me is that... Ever since I cheated death with the help of a blood transfusion... I started to hear and see things beyond the norm, like for example... I see the souls of those who are dead and I speak with them about how they died or who/what they were in their past life(s) (I do believe in reincarnation) I can see into both the future and the past and when asleep I see what my past lives were like before i was born in this era. I see auras surrounding everyone but i'm still learning to control it and have found out that whatever emotion that someone is feeling that's the closest to me in distance... is what I feel... Can someone please explain to me what could be the reason for these strange things about me? Or at least explain to me why i'm looked upon as some freak of nature whenever I share this with those around me?
One thing I somehow forgot to mention... Kinda ditzy at times /.^""""... But, what I forgot to mention was that every time I see through my ancestors eyes the night before, the next day after that, strangely for the whole day I end up feeling like I'm living life through their eyes, seeing things how they did during their time where ever I go, as if I became them for a day.

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maybe the person you were transfused with was a mutant

You should also know that you aren't alone in this world. Mutants are everywhere and I, being one of them, am also looked at as a freak. I have animal like traits also. I am young and envy you for being done with your evolution.

I have the same mutation, but also advanced strength. My friends call me Taz Devil for my skills. The visions your having are from your genetic memory, your looking through your ancestors eyes and for talking to them, you have activated a Lucid memory where you can control the memory. For the emotion reading I dont know because it hasn't happend to me yet, because I am only half way through my teens, not all of my mutations have started yet. Hopefully this has helped you know abit more about your mutations.

Thank you for the help on understanding alittle more. I never did understand how I could see through my ancestors eyes or be able to control the memory. They seem to happen every night and that's the reason I decided to share that bit of information, and to you, I wish you good luck on finding out more about yourself and your unique (if you want to call it that) gift. From my knowledge of telling people this about me, when I told someone that about me, they believed I should be locked up in a mental institution or something and it deeply irritated me not able to tell people because of my losing trust in the human population with how I didn't know about others like me. But as I said before, good luck in finding out more about yourself and the mutations you have.